Transport to Freiburg (ISCI 2015)

Below we will give you some guidance when planning your travel to the ISCI in Freiburg im Breisgau – depending on whether you will arrive by airplane, train, or by car. Most convenient is to travel by railway. Even if you arrive by airplane at one of the two closest international airports – Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and Zürich (Switzerland) – it won’t take you much more than two hours by train to Freiburg. 


Arrival by airplane

  • at Frankfurt Airport

Arriving at Frankfurt Airport, you follow the signs to the long-distance railway station
Plan of Frankfurt Airport:

Trains from Frankfurt Airport to Freiburg leave every hour between 5.55 AM and 10 PM (22.00):
► Timetable Frankfurt Airport to Freiburg Brsg (main railway station)
► Timetable Freiburg Brsg (main railway station) to Frankfurt Airport

  • at Zürich Airport or Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (EAP)

If you will arrive at a different airport and do not know how to get to Freiburg from there, you may ask us in advance. Please make sure that you’ll get in touch with us early enough.

Although closest to Freiburg, we do not recommend to book a connecting flight to EAP since airport buses between EAP and Freiburg (timetable see here) and connecting flights from other European cities are infrequent and may therefore involve long waiting times.




Travel by railway

In case you book your train ticket early enough – with fixed train schedule – you may be able to book cheap tickets ahead of time. If you come from outside Europe and possibly plan to visit other places in Germany or other European countries, you may be eligible for special tickets and tariffs which you can check frome the DB website (the German railway system):

(List not exhaustive. For more check the DB website.)

If you book your train tickets online from the DB website, you may have to fill in the number of an identification (passport, credit card, etc.). Please make sure that you have that identification at hand when you travel since the Online tiecket is only valid together with that identification.

For train schedule between Frankfurt Airport and Freiburg see above.


Arrival in Freiburg by train

The main railway station (HBf) of Freiburg (Brsg) is just ten minutes walk from the Hotel am Rathaus and the conference venue. Leaving the main entrance to the railway station you go straight along the Eisenbahnstraße and into the Rathausgasse:

Maps of the area between Freiburg Hauptbahnhof (= Main Railway Station) and Hotel am Rathaus

From Freiburg railway station (and ZOB = bus station) to the Hotel am Rathaus

Map of the area between Freiburg Hauptbahnhof (= Main Railway Station), the venue of welcome reception (Peterhofkeller) and the conference venue (Haus zur Lieben Hand)

From Freiburg railway station (and ZOB = bus station) to the Peterhof building/Peterhofkeller and Haus zur Lieben Hand (conference venue)
From Freiburg railway station (and ZOB = bus station) to the Confucius Institute (Konfuzius-Institut) and other places


Arrival in Freiburg by car

Map of major access roads leading downtown:

Freiburg area map
Going downtown from the expressway (leave the expressway at Freiburg-Mitte)
How to reach the Hotel am Rathaus by car (at the moment you have to deal with a number of construction sites, so access is a bit complicated)


Venue of the symposium

Location of the conference area in downtown Freiburg

From Hotel am Rathaus to the Peterhof building/Peterhofkeller
From Peterhof building/Peterhofkeller to Haus zur Lieben Hand (conference venue)
Area map: Hotel, conference venue, railway station

University complexes in the city of Freiburg

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