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ISCI 2015

The First Symposium on Cultural Inclusion and Cultural Security

Cultural Inclusion in China and the World

Interrelations between the protection of cultural identity, social development and political stability

Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany)
27-29 August 2015


China’s legislation on ethnic populations aims at protecting the cultural heritage and economical development of her minority groups. National integration as yet another important goal of state policies sometimes appears to conflict with such aims, expressed by dissatisfaction with the state bodies’ attitude and occasional resistance against actions in minority areas. From the government’s side, this dissatisfaction is incomprehensible as the legal protection is deemed being sufficient. To examine the underlying reasons for an obvious misunderstanding between the Chinese state (and also the social majority) on one side and local groups who feel their cultural identity being challenged on the other hand, discussing the concept of cultural inclusion may be one of the most promising.

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