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International Symposia on Cultural Inclusion

The idea of cultural inclusion as a concept we derive from the discussion about “cultural security”, a term that has mostly come up in areas of conflict and initially been understood as a matter of protecting cultural artifacts (”antiquities“). Modern multinational states, however, increasingly understand the importance of holistic approaches to the protection of the cultural heritage of groups (of minority groups as well as of the majority). In this sense cultural inclusion (or cultural security) may not just be understood as consisting of legal measures to protect, but rather as undertakings to create an environment in which minority groups feel their cultural identity be taken seriously and therefore safeguarded in the long run. For states as well, the protection of local groups’ cultural security – i.e. cultural inclusion – will support the creation of social and political security and therefore stability. This elucidates that the interests of local minorities and national aspirations of a state government can well come together.

Socially, cultural identity influences security in regions of political conflict. Cultural heritage, therefore, has a role in national security and political stability – as long as cultural heritage includes intangible heritage and indigenous knowledge. The symposia want to offer a platform for discussions on the fundamentals of cultural protection, of the advancements and the shortcomings of respective policies and interrelation between legislation, attitudes and the degree of reliance of such policies and their prospective repercussions.

The first ISCI was held in 2015 in Freiburg, where participants decided to work on the continuation of this platform. The next symposium will be held in Bautzen, the major city in the Sorb minority region in the Eastern German state of Saxonia:


3rd ISCI (2017)

Minorities in Their Own Lands. Cultural security among ethnic and cultural minorities across Asia)

Prague (Czech Republic)
8-9 December 2017

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2nd ISCI (2016)

Dimensions of Cultural Security for Ethnic and Linguistic Minorities
(Dimensionen kultureller Sicherheit bei ethnischen/sprachlichen Minderheiten)

Bautzen (Germany)
17-19 November 2016

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1st ISCI (2015)

Cultural Inclusion in China and the World. Interrelations between the protection of cultural identity, social development and political stability

Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany)
27-29 August 2015

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